Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Top 10 mobile stocking fillers

For the person who just can’t put down their smartphone stick some of these fun mobile gifts in their stocking this Christmas and help them feed their handheld technology addiction.  


10. Touch screen gloves

Ever felt that frustration whilst out for a brisk walk, receiving a text and having to go through the laborious task of removing your gloves to reply? Well, now you can give the gift of warm hands always, with a pair of gloves featuring tips that work on a touch screen. You don’t even have to compromise on style, leather versions are available.  


9. Changeable camera lenses

If the same old camera lens is getting your friend down then stick a detachable lens in his or her stocking. This lens clips over the top of your phone and allows you to take pictures in fish eye, wide angle, 10x macro and 15x macro. 


8. Grip strip

Phones are being used more and more as Sat Navs and music players in the car so what could be better than a Grip Strip you can slap on your dashboard to stop the device sliding around whilst driving? 


7. Pay as you go

If the person you are filling up a stocking for enjoys chatting on the phone but can’t afford a monthly contract, then why not buy them one of our Pay as you Go Sim cards, filled with 500 minutes, 1000 texts and unlimited data for just £15 a month?


6. Novelty long life charger

Everyone needs a novelty, portable phone charger in their life and what better than one that is shaped like a long-life carton of milk? You do need to use your own USB cable lead, but that means that the charger can be purchased for any smartphone on the market.


5. Dino stand

This is a DIY gift, but one that is simple enough to put together. Simply take a plastic dinosaur toy, cut this in half, inject with caulking and attach a sucker. The sucker sticks to the back of your phone and the dinosaur tail stands it up, so you can watch videos or play games without having to hold your device. Here’s a simple how to guide.


4. Rhino shield

Have you watched your friend or loved one get through phones like they are going out of fashion, simply by dropping them regularly and smashing the screen? Well, you can prevent this happening again by popping a Rhino Shield on your phone screen which is impenetrable to being smashed by a hammer, scratched with a knife and even dropped on stone floor. Stick one in their stocking to save them disappointment in the future.


3. Remote control

To capture the perfect selfie no one wants to be fiddling with touch screen buttons or moving the smartphone around to capture the perfect angle. You want to position your phone, move into view, then use a remote control button to snap a picture. Well, now you can with a camera remote made just for smartphones.


2. Selfie stick

On the theme of taking the perfect picture, the selfie stick has become a much desired smartphone accessory and would make the perfect stocking filler for that tech-mad friend or relative. Sure, they look a little strange when people are using them but you will always get the perfect picture with no oversized faces or awkward cut off heads.


1. Revive a phone

If you know someone who has dropped their phone in the bath, left it outside in the rain or found themselves staring at their favourite piece of tech sitting in the toilet after it fell out of a pocket, then Reviveaphone is probably a good stocking filler. If a phone falls in water and just won’t dry out then you can pop it in a Reviveaphone pouch for 7 minutes, leave it to dry for 24 hours and it should then be as good as new. If the phone isn’t currently water damaged then the pouch is still handy to have around the house.

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